What is the definition of a corporate meeting?

When some of us hear the word corporate meeting, the first thing that comes to mind is those meeting that are carried out by multinational or big companies. We often imagine they are carried out in hotels or other choice locations, with representatives from different parts of the world flying in to attend the meeting. We imagine them discussing ground breaking strategies to expand to other countries and probably conquer the world. While all of this gives an indication about a corporate meeting, corporate meetings are not limited to this description.

What is a corporate meeting?

A corporate meeting can be defined as a formal meeting between members of a team towards reviewing their activities so far and making plans for activities to be carried out, in other to meet up with their goals. It is a place where innovative and new ideas are generated therefore, making it a very important part of business activities. Corporate meeting do not have be multimillion dollars meeting or by only huge corporations. Even before the start-up of some organizations, the meeting between stakeholders on how to start the company, which will include discussion on meeting the criteria set by the state for opening a business, is also an example of a corporate meeting.

Planning for a corporate meeting

Depending on the type of corporate meeting, planning for a corporate meeting could be a bit easy or very difficult. Corporate meetings will normally be planned in line with the budget for the meeting. Major things to consider when planning for a meeting include the time of the meeting, the venue of the meeting, who will be coming for the meeting, from where they will be coming for the meeting and how long the meeting will be holding (which could sometimes be as long as a week). Having all of these details, coupled with the budget for the meeting, will help the meeting planner know what to do and when to do them. For example, when all the people for the meeting are living in the same location and are expected to come from home, even if the meeting will go on for a week, there might be no need to bother about accommodating guests in a hotel, compared to when they are coming from different cities, countries or even continents.

What could an agenda in a corporate meeting look like?

An agenda in a corporate meeting will normally start with the opening remarks by the chairman. The minutes from the last meeting will be read, after which matters arising from the last meeting will be discussed. The agenda for the present meeting will then be read out by the chairman or secretary and then discussed. Any other business will follow, vote of thanks and closing remarks.

The impact of technology

With ICT and the fast internet in most parts of the world, teleconferencing is now becoming more popular. Teleconferencing entails having meetings across locations without anybody who is to be part of the meeting having to leave his city of residence. They are able to communicate through video calls with computers connected to the internet or on TV.