Tools to stay organized at work

Staying organized at work can sometimes be a challenge with several things to do every day. This is further worsened by a lot of distractions that we might have to face, including at work and in our personal lives as well. Keeping tab of everything we wanted to do can thus be very difficult, thereby making us to always find ourselves disorganized at work. Here are some tools that will help you stay organized at work.


Calendar is a very important tool to stay organized. It helps us to easily put things in perspective. For instance, if it is announced that there is going to be a meeting on a particular date in the following month, a quick glance at the calendar can make you know which day of the week the meeting hold. If you have a calendar you normally mark, you will also see if you have some engagements for that day or not. You can immediately start planning on how you are going to manage yourself to meet up with the time. If you want to stay organized at work, you should have a calendar that you can easily mark with date and time of upcoming events.

To do list

Maintaining a to-do list is a very simple but very effective way to stay organized at work. Once you get to work, the first thing you should do is to write out everything you need to achieve for that day. You should first confirm what tasks you have had to list much earlier for that day, for instance you might have known earlier that in a week’s time you need to do a particular thing, which you might have noted. Write out all past events that were slated for that day, add your to-dos for that day and list or mark them in order of preference. You should also keep space for changes, as new very important things could come up that you must do on that day. With a to-do list, you will not forget any important thing that you need to do.


The use of a notepad is also great at helping you stay organized. You can easily note the information that you will need to carry out some tasks. For instance, if you were to call a client, you can write his number on a notepad. If you need to go to the store to get some supplies, you can list out everything you need to buy on your notepad. The notes will ensure that you carry out everything you need to do at a particular place and time without forgetting any.

Alarm Clock

The alarm clock acts as a reminder. It is great for tasks that are strictly bound to time. The alarm rings out reminding you that you have a meeting to attend or it is time for a particular appointment.

A smartphone

A smartphone is a very great tool that can help you stay organized as it contains all of the tools that have been listed above as well as the fact that we take it to work and every other place. All your tools to stay organized can thus be in one place and you won’t have to bother about carrying alarm clocks or notepads around.