How to deal with a bullying boss

The office can be very uncomfortable when you have a bullying boss. This can easily affect any employee negatively. A bullying boss will usually look for any opportunity to insult, shout on and in extreme cases, hit employees. This often reduce the self-worth and confidence of the employee, further reducing their efficiency.Employees are often shivery around their bullying bosses leading to mistakes that will make them to get bullied. If you have a bullying boss, here are some ways that you can deal with him.

Do any assigned tasks you are given

As an employee you will have be assigned tasks and roles. The better you perform your roles, the less chances a bullying boss will have the opportunity to bully you. While some bullying bosses can be so unreasonable, they will usually require at least one reason to bully you. When you therefore, do your assigned tasks timely and properly, it will make it more difficult for you to be bullied.

Be on low key

The more visible you are in the office, the easier it will be for you to cross the path of your bullying boss. Once you report to work, find your way to your office and stay there. Hopefully, your boss will not have the time to be walking straight into your office every time to bully you, except you are a direct target. Staying in your office will however, reduce the probability of bumping into each other.

Be timely to work

When you report to work on time, you will have removed one other reason why your boss will bully you. A bullying boss can easily request for the list of people that came late to work on a particular day, week or month and bully them. He might even decide to cut salaries or met out punishment. Always report to work early and your chances of getting bullied will be reduced.

Try to stay away from office trouble

There are a number of other ways you could easily get into office trouble. Gossiping with other office staff, especially during office hours; talking bad about the boss and he gets to know one way or the other; and sneaking out from work among others. Avoid any activity or action that you know is wrong, as you can be sure your bullying boss will capitalize on it when he finds out.

Send an anonymous advice

Approaching your boss directly to advise him about his bullying and its effects on the staff and his work is not advisable as he might end up bullying you. There are also chances that he will not heed the warning. You can however, send an anonymous message to him with the advice. Even if he decides not to heed it, you won’t get bullied or become a target for regular bullying.

Look for another job

You should start to look for another job, as it might be your best way out of his bullying range. If staffs regularly left the organization, he might be wise enough to rethink when his organization is negatively affected by the staffs whom are leaving. If your boss is an employee, it might draw the attention of higher management that employees in his department are always leaving. This would lead to suspension or sack for him.