The Consequences of watching porn at work?

The internet is by far one of the most useful tools people have at their disposal. When used correctly, it opens gateways and numerous methods to obtain valuable information. The problem is that too often, people use this tool to view smut online. There is presently a barrage of adult websites available offering people free pornography. As a result, they are having tremendous negative consequences. Additionally, the proliferation of mobile devices are becoming part of the problem. They combine to let people all over the world watch more porno than ever before. Incidentally, folks are able to view the adult content from different places. In many cases, this includes individuals looking at sexually graphic material while they are at work.

Whether it is through emails, links or blogs, people get NSFW material all time during working hours. This not safe for work content should generally be opened in the privacy of a person’s home. Or somewhere and time when the individual is not at work. Yet over and over again, people ignore common sense and open them. According to stats, more people than ever are looking at pornography during working hours. But the negative ramifications from doing that can be problematic. Not only from a personal perspective, but sometimes a legal one.

Companies worldwide are terminating their employers for viewing pornographic content while they are supposed to be working. Depending on the person’s position, some businesses are going a step further than termination. Former employees who are watching porn during work hours can be and are being sued for wasting company time. In one case, a person was found to have spent more than 50 hours — in one year alone — watching pornography instead of working. Lawyers for the businesses argued that this diminished the individual’s and company’s overall productivity.

 Another legal problem that can stem from viewing porno while at work can be criminal in nature. For example, a boss or supervisor forcing a subordinate to watch sexually graphic content can be sued for sexual harassment. With the #MeToo movement receiving so much attention, this can be problematic on several fronts. Women are coming out and accusing some of degrading them. Others say a hostile working environment is created as a result. You also have those who argue that this opens the grounds for people to harass others.

The truth is that pornography use is at all times high. Adult sites such as XVideos and XHamster provide ample proof. These sites get millions of visits every day. It is safe to assume that some of those visitors are there while they are at work. Since people have electronic gadgets at their fingertips, they no longer have to use a company computer to visit adult sites. Many of them do so right from their smartphones. But with so much attention being given to sexual assault, employees are becoming stricter with their employees. Today, it is easier than ever to get fired for checking out vulgar or graphic sexual content during working hours.

No doubt the internet, mobile devices and pornography serve their purposes. Either can be a great tool when used accordingly to serve a person’s particular need. However, it can also end up in negative consequences when used improperly or during the hours a person is supposed to be working.