How to conduct an effective meeting

When only half of the US workforce is actively engaged in their current job, it’s important that you do all you can to boost their performance. After all, disengagement in the workforce costs American businesses upwards of $350 billion per year. There are so many things you can be doing to ensure your workforce is as active and as appreciated as possible, and one of those things is conducting effective meetings.

There is nothing worse than holding a meeting that could be summed up in an email. Equally as frustrating is not holding enough important meetings or conducting them in an environment or meeting room that’s unfit for such an occasion.

Therefore, we’ve put together this article to help business owners, corporations and managers conduct effective meetings. By doing so, you could be working towards a more productive workforce and one that’s happier in their work.

Consider meeting room rentals

Many office buildings in the United States are set up for individual cubicles. If you do happen to find an open plan area, it’s crammed with odds and ends of furniture previously discarded by employees. Such a floorplan makes it extremely difficult to hold meetings. A bugbear for many employees is lack of communication. If your staff doesn’t know what is going on, how are they supposed to feel secure and valued? Meetings hold the key to a happy team, but not having a space in which to hold them can mean they are few and far between.

You can solve this problem, and many others, by considering a meeting room rental. There are so many online platforms, such as Breather, with meeting rooms for rent. Not only are they purpose-built spaces for your entire team to enjoy, but they are often in proximity to your office building, and are convenient to rent at a moment’s notice. You can then rent them for hours, or a day, and watch as your team bond, learn new information, and are closer to eachother.

Satisfy their hunger

During any monthly sales meeting or standard workplace meeting, it’s always a good idea to supply food and beverages. Not only can doing so boost staff morale, but it helps them to feel appreciated. Of course, this can often be hard to do in any office due to the often-lacking kitchen facilities, or distance between a meeting space and a kitchen. It’s certainly a logistical nightmare to balance a tray of sausage rolls as you make your way up four flights of stairs.

However, when you opt to hire a meeting room on Breather, or a similar platform, you remove this problem completely. You can opt for a room with kitchen and bathroom facilities, and have food and beverages ready for your staff to enjoy before, during or after the meeting. However, if you find time is of the essence and preparing nine dozen savories takes more time than you have, consider hiring a caterer. Meeting room rentals often come with the option of an in-house or outsourced caterer to supply your ravenous team with delectable treats.

Feeding your team during a meeting does more than satiate their hunger. It shows a level of appreciation for their unwavering support, and it also makes them feel valued. Such is true when it’s repeated on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Make sure there’s enough room for everyone

Whether you’ve got a staff of 10, 20 or 30, it’s crucial that everyone can hear what is being said, take part in all activities, have room to take notes, and at least have a chair to sit on.

Often, meetings held in workplaces requires the careful modification of space. Every staff member has to bring their chair, and tables are joint together for everyone to squish together. As meetings and group exercises can often last for a few hours, it’s an uncomfortable setting.

You can avoid this by hiring a meeting room instead. When you choose to hire one on a platform such as Breather, you can choose the number of people in attendance to ensure the room has enough tables, chairs, and space to cater to everyone comfortably. In fact, many meeting rooms even offer sofas!

Choose a nearby location

It might seem like hiring a meeting room takes a lot of effort, especially when it comes to making sure all staff can attend. After all, your staff might all have set parking spaces, and finding a new spot near a meeting room rental can be a challenge. However, when you opt to hire a meeting room on an online platform like Breather, you can select one based on your location. Often, a meeting space might just be a few blocks away. As such, your staff can walk there or park in their same location as well.

As a business owner or manager, it’s your job to keep your workforce engaged. Failure to do so can result in a high turnover rate, lost productivity, and general staff unhappiness. While you may have many ideas and ways in which you can approach the situation, choosing to give your staff variety in where they work can make all the difference.